Ducted Air Conditioning

What is Ducted Air Conditioning?

Installing ducted air conditioning means you can enjoy discreet air-conditioned comfort throughout your home.

Unlike split-system air conditioning, ducted air conditioning systems are not wall-mounted. This means that once installed in your home, the only visible components are the control panel, air discharge vents, and return air grill.

By installing ducted air conditioning in your home or workplace with Krisp Air, you give yourself complete climate control through reverse cycle technology. Ducted reverse-cycle air conditioners work very efficiently by absorbing heat from the outdoor unit to warm the air inside your home.

And when you want to cool your home down, the ducted air conditioning works the opposite way by absorbing the heat from inside your home via the return air grill and dissipating it out of the outdoor unit, leaving your home nice and cool.


Whatever your idea of comfort is, MyAir smart air conditioning lets you control the airflow to any room, from anywhere. You can control MyAir from your smart phone or tablet. Be smart about your air conditioning with MyAir so you can stay warm in winter and cool in summer, all without having to compromise on energy efficiency.

What are the benefits of choosing Ducted Air Conditioning?

The benefit of ducted air conditioning in Sydney is the amount of control you have over the temperature of your home. You can choose to cool individual rooms or the entire house, turn off zones when they are not in use, or customise the temperature in different rooms of your home. You can save money on energy bills and get better comfort in your home. Plus, ducted air conditioning can be more affordable than installing several split systems.

Another advantage of ducted air conditioning is its ability to cool a home more effectively and more consistently than window units. It is also kinder to your flooring, furnishings, and pets than window units. Ducted air conditioning systems are also more expensive to purchase, but they can be well worth the extra cost.

Furthermore, they allow you to set different temperature levels for individual rooms, which is especially useful if you have a large home.

The biggest advantage of ducted air conditioning is that it can be a more energy-efficient option. This means that, compared to a split system, ducted air conditioning units can run more efficiently in many situations. Additionally, ducted air conditioners can be installed in a wide variety of types of buildings. And they also operate almost noiselessly, which will not disrupt the aesthetics of your existing house.


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